Robotic Process Automation.. Reimagined

Pre-Defined RPA processes built to suit your organizations business needs

RPA Accelerator

Reimagine your automated business and technical processes. Our RPA experts and innovators, with their rich experience in several industry domains and on various leading platforms, have crafted many RPA modules that directly fit into your business ecosystem.

From automated document parsing to automated data evaluation, we have created seamless modules which can be implemented in a silo or as a group. Our modules are all AI capable and ready to meet real-world challenges – with a solution to each.


Pre-Built RPA Modules

Pre-Built and ready to deploy RPA modules covering various use cases for your organization's business needs.

Pre-Defined AI Modules

With various configurable AI modules already baked in, all that is left is implementing and reaping the business benefits.

Industry Leading Platforms

We have devised and built our modules on industry-leading RPA platforms such as UiPath and Automation Anywhere.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with your downstream or upstream systems seamlessly, leveraging the platform's native capabilities.

Multi-Channel Enablement

Enable multiple channels of engagement with your business processes. Initiate and manage your operations with ease.

Hybrid Bot Deployment

Our pre-defined modules cater to various bot deployments such as background & UI-driven processes.

Configurable Modules

A host of configurable modules requires no additional development - configure and deploy.

Salesforce & MS Dynamics Implementation

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Key Benefits

Increase Customer Delight

What better serves your customer than providing them with timely and accurate information. With well-crafted RPA modules, give your customer the delight they deserve.

Reduce Overall Project Costs

With less to no development needed, reduce your overall project timelines and costs while ensuring consistent run practices are in place.

Maximize your ROI

Realize your ROI sooner than imagined. Significantly increase your presence for your customers with automated processes which serve them anywhere and anytime.

Reduce Manual Errors

Eliminate mundane human effort and give your staff time to operate on more essential tasks. RPAs ensure to reduce manual errors as well.

Eliminate Dependencies

Significantly eliminate dependencies on the availability of people and processes. Automate your business tasks with ease and manage with grace.

“No Lock-In” Tool

All modules are deployed on industry-leading RPA platforms of your choice, which doesn't depend on a specific lock-in on our tool or processes.


Simplify Complex Insurance Claims Processes

Sophisticated insurance processes are made accessible through robotic processes automation modules which we built on industry-leading platforms using cutting technologies.                             

Public Citizen Benefits Process Made Easy

Complex public sector processes can be simplified using software bots that automate them, giving direct benefits to your citizens when and where they need them.

Integrate Across Your Departments, Seamlessly

Your organization’s departments need to talk to each other seamlessly for optimum benefits to reap. RPA modules enable your organization to build much-needed robustness.

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