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Optimize the most critical component of your success — your IT workforce.


About our Consulting

A talented and skilled IT workforce is essential to bring a business strategy to life and ensuring that the organization achieves its strategic objectives. At DevCare Solutions, we offer a full spectrum of IT staffing services to help you meet the HR needs of your organization with the right people, skills and competencies.

Working since 2005, DevCare Solutions has an extensive experience of providing staffing services to a wide range of businesses. Our dedicated talent acquisition team thoroughly assesses your workforce needs, develops a customized staffing strategy, and delivers you qualified human resource that accelerates your business growth and helps you build a sustainable competitive advantage.

At DevCare Solutions, we strive to fill the vacancy, strategically important positions in your organization with the right people at the right time, without compromising on quality. To add to the efficiency of the staffing process and offer you complete visibility and control, we develop timelines and set measurable targets. Our staffing consultants develop sourcing profiles and strategies and recruit qualified individuals accordingly to offer the best person-job fit. The result of this whole exercise is a productive and agile IT workforce that drives your business forward and helps your organization reach new heights of success.

Staff Augmentation

For organizations that are in the process of execution of a large-scale, resource-intensive technology initiative, DevCare offers staff augmentation services. Our team of recruiters and other human resource personnel provide your organization the human resource to ramp up your team’s capabilities and to enable you to achieve your organizational and business objectives.

Utilizing our staff augmentation services, businesses can effectively manage the performance inefficiencies arising from skill gaps, changing staffing needs and aggressive project demands. In addition to access to the best talent, opting for DevCare’s staff augmentation services promises you shorter hiring times, reduced training costs and lower probability of hiring errors.

Why Work with DevCare?


Candidates Suitable for Your Business Needs

At DevCare Solutions, we take time to listen and understand the human resource needs, company culture, and other requirements of your company to ensure that every candidate we select is fit to work for your company, on technical grounds as well as on the basis of their suitability to your company culture.


Handpick Candidates to Ensure Perfect Job-Personality Fit

We select candidates from the surrounding geographies so that you can interview them in-person and evaluate their suitability and technical competence using your intuitive judgment and analytical skills as well.


Technology Talent When You Need

At DevCare Solutions, we maintain a complete database of candidates with advance technical competence and remarkable work history to ensure your immediate access to the best human resource.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

At DevCare Solutions, our objective is to help your business thrive; therefore, if you face performance issues or any other problems on hiring a particular candidate, we offer you replacement within a 48 hour’s notice so that your business processes and productivity don’t suffer.

Let’s Work Together

Let’s Work Together